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ECHOES OF US release giveaway!

I’ve been interested in photography for a while now, and I was really excited these past few months to get to work with vlcphoto on some shoots. In particular, we took a series of Hybrid Chronicles themed photos with two lovely models to play Eva/Addie and Ryan/Devon.

I’ll be releasing a new photograph or two (and accompanying quote from ECHOES OF US!) every Friday and Monday until we run out ;) Help me celebrate by re-blogging and I’ll enter you into the contest to win:


- 1 signed copy of WHAT’S LEFT OF ME (book 1)

- 1 signed copy of ONCE WE WERE (book 2)

- 1 signed ARC of ECHOES OF US (book 3) 

I wanted to give you guys options so new readers can win whichever book in the series they need. :D

I’ll choose a winner at the end of each week and message you.

Everyone go check out vlcphoto's other work! She was really awesome to take these pictures <3 (Thanks, Vania! And huge thanks to Meredith and Brandon for modeling for us)

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